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What do spark plugs do you may ask? As the name suggests they provide a spark to ignite the engine and get it all fired up. This in turn gives your engine the juice to power your vehicle and keep it cruising down the road. Thinking out loud again, you might be saying well now that I know what it is and what it does, who should I trust locally in San Jose to fix or replace my spark plugs?

Well, that’s an easy answer, thankfully, you can trust me to come service your spark plugs, I am your hometown go to guy for all vehicle repairs, anything your vehicle needs I can fix for you. Just like San Jose, CA.’s own Brett Dalton plays his role to perfection on TV shows such as Agents of Shield, I play my role to perfection as the best mobile mechanic in San Jose, California. 

My spirit is ignited by the auto repair work I do for all the residents of this incredible city and I have a blast providing superior customer service and the finest auto repair services to this town and the surrounding areas.

Now, what makes me a step above everyone else who offers spark plug fixes, replacements, and other vehicle repairs?

  1. You are not lost like Actor Josh Holloway was in the J.J. Abrams series LOST, you have a clear roadmap of what is going on, why it is going on, and what ultimate purpose it serves. You are extremely unlikely to get this at your local repair shop or with your local auto mechanic.  There you are lucky if you even get a quick, vague explanation of what they are doing with your vehicle and why.
  2. You have an expert at their craft doing the work on your vehicle. As sharp as Bill Owens is behind a camera, I am equally as talented under the hood of your vehicle. Can you expect this with other auto mechanics in the area?  I am sure you are aware the answer to that is a simple no, but why? Their level of commitment to you, the customer is skewed by many different variables both in and out of their control but nonetheless it hampers their ability to provide you with the right level of commitment that is essential to providing the finest quality of auto repairs possible. 
  3. You are getting customer service that is night and day in comparison to all those other guys in town. I eat, sleep, and breathe auto repair services, and being a mobile mechanic gives me the privilege of being able to specialize each service visit to match the vehicle and the owner. The question is not if you should require this standard of service every time you use an auto mechanic but if you are not getting this level of service why are you allowing yourself to get sub-par service when I am one call away and you can receive the best customer service in the area.

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