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Let’s be honest, not everyone gets their required oil change when their mileage meets the set requirements for doing so. Some may think well, this is no big deal, I will get around to it when I get around to it. It is extremely important that, that mindset is not had by anyone with a vehicle in San Jose, California or anywhere else for that matter but I am mostly concerned with the local area since that is where my mobile mechanic services operate.

At minimum the quality of the oil is going to be sub-par and the oil itself is going to be dirty so unclean oil would be flowing through your engine system.  It is also possible for the oil to get lower and lower to the point where having that little oil in the vehicle would do damage to your vehicle. 

To give a relatable illustration of how bad that can be that would be like if park administrators in San Jose, CA allowed Lake Cunningham to increasingly dry up, and let the water get extremely dirty.  That would make it not able to function properly and eventually it would dry up the lake until its almost dry and make it too dirty for people and marine life to be able be in.  This would be critically damaging to the lake and all its various uses.

Likewise, your vehicle would be damaged by the lack of oil changes, and eventually render your vehicle unusable by you.  Hence, you must be sure to follow the proper protocols for changing and replacing your oil. 



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Let me help you eliminate all the possible obstacles to you getting regular oil changes in San Jose:

  1. No time- “I don’t have time to drive my vehicle down to the local mechanic and wait for them to do the oil change and give my vehicle back for me to be able to use.” Mobile mechanics perform auto repairs on location, meaning I perform the oil change where your vehicle is, and I will also do it when you are ready.
  2. No Oil Choice- “I have to use whatever oil brand that the local auto repair shop has in stock or whatever oil brand they have a partnership with.” Another benefit of mobile auto repair is that I can choose whichever brands I wish to use.  So, if you want Motorcraft oil, I will use that brand of oil. If you wanted to choose which local San Jose technology park to go to, with the local repair shops you could only choose Apple Park and that would be it.  With me you could choose any of the parks offered locally for visitors by Apple, Google, Intel and Facebook.
  3. No Choose of Location- “I have to stay in the local auto mechanic’s guest area with other people and have no choice in the matter.” If you have me do your regularly scheduled oil changes you can have it done anywhere in the San Jose area. Why be locked down in their waiting room? Let me make getting your oil changed much less of a headache for you.