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Are you in need of brake repair services San Jose? Stop right there, slam on the brakes! The San Jose area is big and diverse but not one you want to find yourself having brake issues in.  Those towing fees alone, am I right? 

For instance, imagine if you will this scenario and two possibilities.

Scenario 1

You and your family are one of the three Raging Waters, Water Parks in San Jose, CA. Now you are drained and all you want to do is get home and rest up. But there is a problem, there is something wrong with your brakes. Above all, they are not functioning properly. Logically you decide not to take the risk of driving your vehicle. You send your family home in an uber or a taxi while you have to decide between two possible outcomes.

Possibility 1- Involves towing fees, local auto repair shop hours, and your vehicle being away from your side for longer than it needs to be.

Possibility 2- No towing fees, a highly-skilled mobile mechanic coming right to you and checking on your brakes. He is ready to do a brake job right away, and your vehicle is back, ready for you to use way faster.

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Either way the job gets done on your brakes but possibility two certainly sounds much easier. Use me as your mobile mechanic. End up getting the best and you will be saving yourself a bunch of time, money and headache. I will come to you on-site where you need me to be.


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Scenario 2

Here is another scenario to illustrate why using the best mobile mechanic in San Jose is the right option for you.

Let’s say you are visiting Alum Rock Park, one of the biggest parks in not only California but across the United States. Additionally, this park dates back furthest in the history of parks in San Jose and even in California. You visit all the sights there, you explore the park and you have a really good time there all day. Just like that the sun is going down and it's time to leave the park for the night.

Firstly, you go start the car and give it some gas. Secondly, you hit the brake so you can safely do a turn. Instead of working like it normally would, the brake pedal goes directly to the floor. However, now in a panic, and scrambling you throw on the emergency brake and it brings the car to a stop. But realizing, quite clearly, you can’t drive like that you are left with the same choice as above. Finally, this time you call me right away and ask me to come fix your brakes.

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Thus I head your way to evaluate the issue. The brake fluid was almost empty thus the brakes were not able to function properly. I check for leaks in the line, repair them, and fill your brake fluid back up to the proper level. This process verifies whether the brakes are working safely and properly. We both go on our way. That is the kind of reliability, accuracy, and professionalism you can truly expect from me every time I work on your vehicle whether it’s a brake job or its something else, I am consistently the best when it comes to fixing vehicles. Call me today, or submit a form and we will assist you right away.