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When it comes to your vehicle your alternator is a key component that provides the charge your battery needs and runs the electric system that keeps the car functioning while you drive. Without the alternator the battery would have no energy, and your vehicle would not function correctly, if at all. 

It would be like if you went to a San Jose State Spartan game and the crowd was completely quite or the players were sluggish and lifeless on the field or even worse a combination of both of those things.  That would essentially ruin everything football does to bring people joy.  It would also take away the fun and the re-charge that getting away and having that thrilling experience would bring you. 

Now, that you know what your alternator does, you know why it is so crucial to your vehicle and why you must make a wise choice when you pick a mechanic to fix your alternator. As a mobile mechanic, I bring skills to the table that the local repair shops and their mechanics don’t which allows me to be highly efficient and effective at repairing your alternator. What skills are those you may ask?  Glad you asked, here are the skills I am referring to:

Expert Diagnostics- Accurate diagnosis achieved using laser focus and years of hands-on experience and education. Similar to how San Jose, CA’s own Carl Sullivan brought his A-game to read the quarterback and figure out snap counts and where the ball was going, I bring my A-game every time I work on anything under your hood.

Fully Completed Repairs- What do I mean by fully completed repairs? When you go elsewhere for work on any part under your hood including your alternator, it is likely they will miss some small detail (intentionally or unintentionally), that will cause you to have to go back there for as similar or related issue sooner down the road than you should have needed to. With me when I repair your alternator or any other part on your vehicle, I ensure swiftly that those unnecessary fixes I described above do not occur.


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Next Level Customer Service- It is one thing to kindly collect a customer’s information and be warm to them during the process, and during the return of the keys and their vehicle. It’s a whole different level to provide a customer with a detailed roadmap of what will be going on and why, making sure they understand the repair process. The difference would be like sitting in regular seats or sitting in box or special seats at the SAP center in San Jose, California, one you will get typical customer service, with the other you would get a higher level of customer service.

Simplified Repair Services- Keeping things simple is the way I like to do things.  I come to you, I work on your schedule, I make everything all around purely convenient for you. Zero hassle and no need to re-arrange your schedule, using my mobile mechanic services make this process simple and is one of the many great reasons listed to allow me to repair your alternator and do any work under the hood of your vehicle.